The world’s only end-to-end business and technology solution for developing and delivering a smart city programme

Cities across the world need to be at the forefront of service transformation.  To do more with less, to compete in a globally-integrated economy, and to improve the well-being of their citizens in a genuinely sustainable way. 

To become smarter, City leaders know that technology can help – if accompanied by transformational changes in the way that cities operate. But what changes?  How should they best be delivered?  How can cities best integrate across organisational boundaries? How can cities build the business case for change, and develop the new operating models and funding models they need for the future

CS Transform authored the British Standard for Smart Cities (BSI’s PAS 181) and is now guiding the development of ISO 37103 (Guide to establishing strategies for smart cities and communities).  The best practice from these standards is now available to cities in Transform 360, an easy to access Cloud application for all stakeholders.